Compostable Soil Company combines cutting-edge research with natural processes to build soil in the Pittsburgh bio-region. Our focus is to complete nutrient cycles, reduce toxic runoff, and support local and city agriculture. 

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Compostable PGH

From food-waste to farm soil

Composting is not a new idea, but we are experimenting with simple, efficient technologies for completing the nutrient-cycle and feeding soils in our area.

Compost is Alive!  Our goal is to create the highest quality compost possible not the highest volume.  We focus on small-scale, on-farm techniques that can be utilized by small farmers.



Pittsburgh Garden Experiment

Growing your skills

PGE is a free peer-to-peer gardening skills resource group.

We created PGE as a forum for gardeners and urban farmers to meet, share skills, and continue the discussion on regional food production. Through PGE we host classes, skill-swaps, and host social events all centered on growing food.

Pittsburgh Garden Experiment ยป