Non-Toxic Commercial Turf Management Systems

We set-up and maintain systems for non-toxic turf and landscape.  We have a comprehensive, pro-biotic approach which includes soil tests, mineral balancing, and application of aerated compost teas.  With our approach the results are cumulative, which means less management is needed over time.

Compostable Soil Company combines cutting-edge research with natural processes to build soil in the Pittsburgh bio-region. Our focus is to complete nutrient cycles, reduce toxic runoff, and support local and city agriculture.  

We believe that the world would be a better place if people stopped spraying toxic chemicals on their lawns.

Comprehensive Soil Testing

100% non-toxic turf spray services

On-site compost tea brewing for commercial turf

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Steel City Soils

urban farm soil cooperative

From food-waste to farm soil

Composting is not a new idea, but we are experimenting with simple, efficient technologies for completing the nutrient-cycle and feeding soils in our area.

Compost is Alive!  Our goal is to create the highest quality compost possible not the highest volume.  We focus on small-scale, on-farm techniques that can be utilized by small farmers.

 Steel City Soils

Pittsburgh Garden Experiment

Growing your skills

PGE is a free peer-to-peer gardening skills resource group.

We created PGE as a forum for gardeners and urban farmers to meet, share skills, and continue the discussion on regional food production. Through PGE we host classes, skill-swaps, and host social events all centered on growing food.

Pittsburgh Garden Experiment ยป